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Minkz Mail

Mail Production System

Compose, manage, print and finish your entire organisation's mail, and significantly reduce
associated overheads

Would you like to improve the way your organisation composes, manages, prints and finishes its mail while significantly reducing costs?

If individuals, offices or departments in your organisation are responsible for printing then preparing their mail for posting, it is likely many thousands of pounds is being wasted each year.

Minkz Mail is a software solution that allows staff to compose then transmit their mail to a central location where it is validated, sorted, printed then finished. As a result, expensive desktop printer costs and consumables are eliminated, mail preparation times are reduced and postage discounts provided by the Royal Mail are maximised.

Not only that, if you prefer to outsource the printing and finishing of some or all of your mail and still benefit from huge savings, it can instead be transmitted to a third party facility such as a Xerox Service Delivery Centre (SDC).

To find out more about using Minkz Mail to reduce your mailing overheads please visit the following Funasset web pages:

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If you are an existing Minkz Mail customer, links to receive support and login to your user account can be found on the pages above.

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