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Mail Production System

Maximise the mail production efficiency of your NHS Trust, and reduce mailing costs by up to 60%

Funasset have supplied and integrated document solutions for the NHS for more than ten years. As a result we know the mail volume of an NHS Trust is considerable. We also know that producing and delivering this mail is extremely costly. So costly, we are confident we can reduce it by up to 60%. Click here to find out how much you could save.

Minkz Mail is a software solution that will enable your NHS Trust to transmit its entire mail output (including PAS letters) to a central location where processes such as validating, sorting, printing and finishing take place. Not only will the system ensure your mail production is highly efficient and secure, it will allow you to benefit from the best postage discounts offered by the Royal Mail or another mail handler.

In addition to producing physical mail, Minkz Mail can also be used to deliver an electronic version of a patient letter to their GP or consultant via the Docman (or similar) system. The process is automatic and seamless, and is a great way to reduce patient related mail volume and associated overheads.

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Outsourcing Your Mail Production

Have you considered outsourcing some or all your NHS Trust's mail production to a hybrid mail service such as a Xerox Service Delivery Centre (SDC)? Doing so will dramatically reduce mailing overheads and remove the burden of printing and finishing mail.

Despite the benefits of using a hybrid mail service, mail composed by your staff cannot be transmitted directly to an off-site system. This is because your NHS N3 network does not permit outgoing traffic from staff workstations.

Minkz Mail overcomes this problem by connecting locally to your NHS N3 network. Mail documents created by your staff and PAS applications are sent to Minkz Mail, processed then transmitted to the off-site hybrid mail service using a single, secure connection.

Minkz Mail makes utilising a hybrid mail service a reality!

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NHS Proven Solution

Recently Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells (MTW) NHS Trust integrated Minkz Mail as part of a mailing solution. Here is what their Service Improvement Transformation Department said...

"In 2013 Minkz Mail helped to reduce our
mail production and delivery costs by 41%"

Click here to read the case study about the MTW solution.

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Key Benefits of Minkz Mail

  • Mail preparation times are greatly reduced, giving your staff more time for the tasks they are employed to do.
  • Your entire NHS Trust's mail is accumulated, sorted and validated so Royal Mail postage discounts are maximised.
  • All types of mail, including PAS letters, back office mail and bulk mail, can be managed and produced by the system.
  • Central in-house or third-party printing eliminates expensive desktop printer costs and consumables.
  • Central print location improves patient privacy by eliminating the chance of mail being "lost" in transit to the post room.
  • Address and post code checking helps to reduce undeliverable mail.
  • Mail is of a consistent high quality and adheres to your NHS Trust's identity.
  • Seamless integration with your NHS Trust's existing composition processes, documents and data, means no disruption to mail production and no "hidden" costs in getting the solution operational.
  • Staff can continue using their existing mail composition software such as Microsoft Word, or use Minkz Mail's own intuitive mail composition facility.
  • The option to electronically deliver patient letters to GPs and consultants via Docman (or similar), improves efficiency, and reduces mail volume and postage costs.
  • Integrated mail management and reporting allows administrative staff to monitor mail volume and expenditure on a user, office, department and site level.
  • Intergrated "print room" facilities provide complete control over when and where mail is printed.
  • Use of 2D barcodes or OMR marks eliminates double envelope enclosure and ensures a high level of patient privacy.
  • Compatibility with your NHS Trust's Active Directory user base means staff have immediate and convenient access to the system.
  • Even more cost savings and efficiencies can be made by outsourcing some or all your NHS Trust's mail to a hybrid mail service such as a Xerox SDC.
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management certification and Department of Health Information Governance compliance, demonstrates Funasset are committed to ensuring the security and privacy of NHS Trust mail.
  • Funasset is a certified supplier of on-site hybrid mail solutions for the public sector - Crown Commercial Service Postal Goods and Services (RM1063) LOT 2 On-Site Hybrid Mail.
  • Simple cost per "click" payment means no up-front costs or annual fees.

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Find Out More

To find out more about using Minkz Mail to transform your mail production and significantly reduce mailing overheads, please visit the following Funasset web pages:

Overview / How It Works / Benefits & Features / Savings / Cost

If you are an existing Minkz Mail customer, links to receive support and login to your user account can be found on the pages above

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